More filters in the board view (users, custom fields ...) like in list view?




Thanks for Asana, being able to have the same task in several board is very handy in Agile, so you can organize your Backlog in a board and send some tasks to another Sprint board (todo / Wip / done).

Some features are missing however:
There are very few filters in the board view, much less than in the list view.
It lacks the basics: sorts by user, sorts by custom field, and some others like due date, create by…
In the future, it would also be nice to be able to mix several filters and save them.

Some bugs too I spot :
In list view when renaming a section it becomes a task
In the Gantt Timeline view, if you have more than one custom field you can’t define which field defined the color, it’s the one that will be filled in first that defines the color.

Thx :sunny: !


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I believe I have the answer to one small part of your post.

Sections are really just Tasks with a colon at the end of the Task name. If you rename a Section be sure to keep the colon.


Hi Vince,

Thx for the tips ! What about ability to filter boards ?



I can’t help you much with boards. I believe Asana lists are better than boards, and without the ability to switch a Project between the two I avoid boards.

Todd goes into detail about the pros and cons of the two options here.


As a user who is currently using a Board view to handle a product backlog across a remote team, I want to vote for this request 10 times over.

It would be so nice if we could filter cards on the board view by:

  • tag
  • assignee
  • custom field

For example, here’s a workflow. We’re creating a card for an Epic and then associating all the stories with that epic by using a tag. I would really love to only see that epic on the board by filtering by that tag.

Not being able to control the views makes using the board a lot less useful.

An example of this type of behavior working really well is Zenhub in Github. They can filter a board by an epic and only see issues associated with that epic. That is a very desired behavior, and I wish Asana supported that.


see also other requests for improved board filter functionality:


While in Boards, it would be very helpful to have a filter option that would only show the tasks that are assigned to me. Is there another way to achieve this?


You can create an Advanced search with filters but the result will be with a list layout…


The board view is useful to get an immediate sense of status. Trello has the “q” keyboard shortcut for this, which filters out all cards from the board that aren’t assigned to yourself. Super useful.


At the moment there are only two views for the board: incomplete/complete tasks. It is possible to do and advanced search to pull out all the tickets matching criteria. However when this is done it all goes to a list view and it’s not really possible to save the search criteria. Once the tasks are in the list view we loose the ability to understand which stage of the process they are in. For cross functional agile teams the boards can get quite busy and being able to save custom views and name them would be ideal. I saw many other requests asking to filter by tags, custom fields, people etc. - I believe this solution would fix them all.


Custom fields in boards are great, thank you!
We have added “Work Kind”: “Art”, “Development”, “Game Design”… fields
It would be great to be able to filter board by this field the same way we can filter it by complete/incomplete.
Search is a workaround to find what you want but not to work with it in a board.


Any feedback from anyone on this? We have multiple venues, and the ability to filter our boards by venue would be invaluable.


I agree; it would be very helpful to be able to filter a large board by a custom field. I’d love to be able to filter board items based on our Priority Level or Level of Effort. Hopefully this is a feature that will be added in the near future!


Absolutely agree. There are other requests for quick view filters for assigned-to-me and by has-tag, but filter by a two-step ‘by project-custom-drop-down-field = custom-drop-down-field-value’ (like the two-step Completed Tasks > → Marked complete within ____ feature)

So for example, View: → Location > → UK where Location is a custom drop-down field added to the project, and UK is one of the predefined options for Location, would be extremely useful.

Going beyond drop-down fields would be very complex, but drop-downs are already handled as a special case by appearing on the task-cards.


There are a few things we can’t currently do with the board view but can with the list view which would be really helpful.

We use multi-base tasks and have a board that is used to manage workflow within the team. At the moment there are a couple issues:

  • It’s not possible to see the full name of the project (or even an abbreviation) unless you hover over the coloured tabs.
  • If a project hasn’t been coloured it won’t show up on the card until you click on it - this makes it confusing to understand the context of a task.
  • The ability to quickly filter the board - say by project, assignee, subtask progress, custom fields etc etc


When we have a large list of cards on the board, it will be a major boost for using the boards if we could do a quick filter over the board, in a similar way that ServiceNow board’s work.

Such filter would allow quick filters to do a quick focus review on tagged tasks or tasks with specific text.


Hi there! I, along with many others in my organization would love the ability to filter content INSIDE a particular project. For example, lets say I have a project board with 50 different tasks/cards. Let’s say that 10 of those cards contain the tag: ‘pending’. I want to be able to filter the content on the CURRENT list or board to view only those tasks that are tagged as ‘pending’. I can’t currently do this. I can go to the search bar and filter for ‘pending’, BUT that method will pull anything, from any project that is tagged as such.

Further to this, you may want to apply a filter inside a specific project for scenarios such as:

  • Only tasks with due dates greater than today
  • Only tasks overdue
  • Only tasks containing the word ‘chocolate’
  • Only tasks with a status of ‘waiting on third party’
  • Only tasks assigned to ‘Michael Jordan’
  • Etc

The Advanced Search Feature is Asana is awesome, and YES I can search for stuff inside one or more projects BUT I need a feature that allows me to STAY on the current board or list and just filter down to specific content and tasks in that particular list.

Make sense?





Our team also need ability to filter cards in boards. In big project boards becomes messy and ability to sort tasks by assignee or custom field would be great.

Is that possible and when it is planned to release if so?

Thank you!


Allow boards to pull in tasks based on tags, assignee, date, or any advanced search options.


We already have a thread on this topic in the #productfeedback, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread @asherterpstra; hope that’s ok!