More feedback icons


The heart :heart: is a great way to give feedback in Asana. We use it as a symbol for “Thank You”, “OK”, “yes” or “I have read your comment”. Nice, but a bit vague.

In one of our new workspaces I have noticed that the heart is replaced by the thumbs up icon:

I would love to have a choice of icons (Facebook style) to give a specific feedback like for instance

  • “yes” :white_check_mark:
  • “no” :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  • “thank you” :heart:
  • “like it” :smile:
  • “don’t like it” :frowning_face:
  • “accept” :thumbsup:
  • “decline” :thumbsdown:

This would make quick replies much easier and clearer. Is that a possibility for the future? The thumbs up icon seems to indicated that something is in the making.


Hi Ulli. The thumbs up icon is something we’re testing, as different teams have different styles for giving feedback. At this time we can’t specifically speak to what will happen next for such icons, but we do thank you for your feedback! Our product team will keep this in mind as they explore next steps.


Highly agree!