More control over subtasks from the main window



I would like to see more options related to subtask from the main window.
Currently you can assign a subtask and add a due date if you do not open it.

But if you need to add a tag to it or do anything else, you need to open it and do it there.
The general idea of subtasks is that they are quick lists of small things to do, related to the big task.
So in most cases I would assume that subtasks are generally larger lists.
Having to open each one is a lot of manual work and many people in the organization stop doing it at some point as it is too time consuming.

Generally my observation is that Asana is underdelivering on this promise to save manual work. I mean Asana is very good at some things, but generally not investing time in solving small things like that, which are in most cases the most time consuming. Like the resent UI update probably took tens and hundreds of programming hours for delivering basically the same experience