More Control on Internal and External Notifications and Sharing with Customers

We invite our clients into the project. There may be 30-50 tasks shared between orgs and visibility and transparency is good, but not absolute. There are tasks, comments, and notes we would like to not share external to customers. When we add clients to the Asana project, I would rather share all, and hide a few than decide task by task at the beginning.

Also, each week, our PMs must update Progress report and the stakeholders, however there are different audiences for weekly updates with the progress to internal stakeholders being different than to external (customer). We don’t want to create two different projects, one for internal and one for external.

Asana should:

  1. Allow for Progress Updates and Conversations to Internal to Org only and exclude non-org members (our customer)
  2. Allow for a Progress Update to All (exists today) which would be the update to External members
  3. Allow “not share” feature to individual tasks after they are created. I want to go into any task and hide or unhide so I can share with me only, internal only or internal & external (all).

Hi @Brian_Ott and thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for sharing oyur feedback with us, we will definitely keep it in mind for future updates!

In the meantime, I would recommend having your tasks multi-homed into two projects: one internal, one external. This way you could have 2 status updates, one for external and another one for internal stakeholders.

One other important thing to note, if your clients are added to the task they need access to (instead of making them project members), they will only have access to the tasks you added them to, which means that you can comment on other tasks without having to worry about external people visibility! We recently released a Guide article outlining what Guest can see and have access to, if you have,'t checked it out yet, you can find it here:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: