More calendar view options

I just moved to using Asana and so far, I am loving it. The calendar view is what makes it different from my previous to do list I was using. I think I am being more productive and planning better. But I think the calendar view can be improved.

I’d like to have different calendar view options, similar to Google Calendar. View by month, week, or even day. AND, I want to be able to reorder tasks on a certain day. Right now they seem random and I’d like to put tasks that belong to the same project together or create my own order based on the time of day I plan to do the tasks.

Thank you for reading my request!



All the yes to this. Every last bit of yes.


Yes!!! I Really would love to be able to rearrange my list for each day on calendar view!!! love love love calendar view, but I still end up using a notebook to arrange the list in the order I need to do them on the day!


Yes please!! A weekly view would be super helpful. So far this is holding me off from switching fully from Trello (LOVE their weekly view) to Asana…


This is what I want most of all. Daily view in particular, and the ability to schedule tasks within the day.


We use Asana as a CRM and add tasks for phone calls etc.

Would be great to be able to have a day view to see what happened on any particular day.

Asana is great, this requested enhancement would make it much more greaterer!

Yes! Tasks within a single day that have start and end times. PLEASE!


it would be super helpful to have sorting options in the calendar view in the my tasks section. So the tasks within one day can be sorted e.g. by project, priority, or something like that. right now if there are more then 6 tasks for one day it gets unpractical…

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your feedback @Rhea_Moore! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged to gather all your feedback.

It’s been a while since this thread has been addressed. I agree with @Rhea_Moore. Please add the ability to sort tasks in the calendar view. It’s faster and easier to drag and drop daily and weekly tasks in the calendar than the list view.

Please enable the ability to drag and drop tasks into the order they are to get completed each day in the calendar view. At the very least, sync the list to match the order they are dragged into on the list view.

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Also really wishing this was possible. I could have a My Week project to drag all tasks I want to work on and then time block my week. Right now I just have a monster list of things to do within a month view, so the calendar isn’t that useful unless it had a week view. Don’t see this being a difficult feature to add.

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Is there an update on the calendar views in Asana? I would really like to see multiple months at a time, or a single week. In reading posts, I am not the only one who wants to be able to color code sections and tasks.

+1 before Asana I would add tasks to my apple calendar and then drag them to time block my work for the day/week/month. Kind of surprised Asana doesn’t have this already

I too would like to be able to arrange tasks in calendar view. I make most of my daily tasks as a quick informal to-do list and would like to be able to rank them. Thanks!