Monitoring and reporting - organization intelligence

Hi there
We have been using Asana for a while now and I found the reporting feature underwhelming to say the least.
Example -

  1. While I can search for Goals without status, I cannot find goals which have not been updated for a while. Identifying goals or sub-goals which needs org attention has become hard to spot
  2. Searching for a goal does not work. Maybe something is broken for me, but from what I can gather, I can only search for tasks and milestones and not goals
  3. Search query for tasks does not allow me to add additional columns.
  4. I cannot edit a saved search query. Having worked with Jira, this is really underwhelming
  5. Projects update is not linked to goals. The team has to update projects and goals separately. We need to find a way to ensure that project completion reflects in goals completion
  6. Reports and dashboard do not work for Goals

Maybe I am missing something. But I am finding it really difficult to manage the Org which has multiple teams and projects