Mobile App not Syncing


Hi Guys,

We use the app for our onsite teams to relay info back to people in the office, unfortunately the app is not syncing and i have 60 files pending to sync, we need to access this information to load onto our clients systems but cannot do that via the app.

Can someone please let me know how to sync the app as this is a big problem for us.

I have tried the following:
Turning the mobile devise on and off, disconnecting wifi, mobile data and restarting.
as far as i am aware there is not a data usage limit issue with asana
I have looked on the forums, some suggest taking pictures of what we need to upload which does not work for us as we have reports, checklists, plans and images we need syncing.

This has now been occuring for a number of days, the details are in Asana app but not syncing.

Need an urgent response, thanks Al


Guys, what i did was uninstall the mobile app and re-install, unfortunately this has wiped all our data, really not impressed as we have to backtrack and try and find out what is missing.

It would be good to have a phone number to call so i can get a response to urgent matters.

Our business unfortunately cannot have these issue, as it is too time consuming to fix and we work on extremely tight deadlines.

Please can you provide a solution to me to fix this issue if it occurs again as this issue has occurred to others but no solution has been advised that i can find.

Unfortunately if there is no solution we will have to look at a different system


Thanks for reaching out @Allen_Starkey1 and our sincere apologies for the inconvenience; the issue you have experienced was related to a bug that impacted our mobile app for a few hours yesterday; you can learn more about it following this link: and in this thread: Alert: Asana is experiencing app issues and delays today (9/12) which may affect API usage (Update: resolved). Again, so sorry for the inconvenience caused; our team is currently investigating this issue to make sure this can be avoided in the future.

We don’t provide support via phone yet, but I would always recommend to check Asana status ( and if you need to, you can reach out to our support team following this path: > I’m having trouble with > Let’s chat.