Mobile App not showing tasks from Web App


We are on premium plan and for all tasks created in the Web App, they do not show up on the mobile app. I’ve only been testing in iPhone, but i would guess the case is the same for Android. However, tasks created on Mobile app sync up to the Web App…

Can you please help as we need the Web App, iOS and Android apps to sync seamlessly. If not we will be cancelling our plan.


Hi @Contego_Spa
I use the Android App and have never had that problem.

It could be something to do with the organisation/workspace you are using on the Android app.

Do you have multiple Organisation that you are in?

Are you signed in on the phone using the same Asana account as on the Web?



I agree with Jason. You probably ended up on your personal projects workspace in one of the two and that explains why you are lost.

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It started working after a couple days. Not sure what happened - asana may have had connectivity issues or perhaps it’s a new account so took time to connect.

@Contego_Spa being an Android user I could just blame IOS…


Glad it is working now…