Mixing Premium and Free Memberships

Can a company experimenting with asana have some of the management staff have a premium membership while working with their staff who have just the free version?



If you experiment for 30 days you have Business and not pay :slight_smile:

After the trial period, does everyone in the company have to upgrade to either Premium or Business? Or, can we still have a mix of premium/business and free?

Hi @Justin_Sutter, and welcome!

Generally speaking it is not possible to mix free/premium users, but you can decide to upgrade one or multiple team (as opposed to your whole Organisation). More details on this other thread where we discussed this before: Combination of paid and free users? I would also recommend reaching out to our Sales who will be able to take a look into your account and advise you with the best solution for your team!

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow up questions!