Mixed Content error


Could you load all resources from HTTPS ?
It seems like you have a few resources using HTTP.


@johnnygoodnow might be interested in the feedback


I have troubles loading Asana in Rambox.
Please let me know what feedback you want.


Is your issue with Rambox related to the mixed content? If not I suggest you create another post. This being said, I am not sure Asana will give support about third-party app like this, but maybe the community can help.


ok, but Asana loads mixed content not Rambox


Hi @Patrick_Heijmans,

I’m not sure how the implementation of Rambox works, but it seems that they don’t support Asana out of the box. It’s likely using an iframe I’m guessing to work with these services (as opposed to our API), which we explicitly don’t support and don’t have any plans to support in the near future. However, we have many other integrations that can hopefully serve your needs.

On mixed content, I personally don’t see any requests being made over HTTP when Asana is running normally. However we are actively working to remove any regular HTTP requests that the app makes, so we plan to resolve any idiosyncrasies like this one!

If there’s an integration that you think would bring a lot of value to Asana, I suggest making another post in Product Feedback about it and gathering additional thoughts from the community.


they use Webviews, not iframes.


I see - I would still not expect it to work, and I don’t see us supporting this behavior in the immediate future. I’d consider contacting Rambox’s developer to advocate for an API based approach, or advocating more specifically on your use case in Product Feedback.


This is being said, many of us are using solutions like Fluidapp without an issue.