Missing max height for the comment box / input



Hi, I regularly have issues with the comment box of the team-conversations getting to height so I can’t see my input anymore because it is too long and the size of the comment box growth with every line.

I always fix it temporarily with the browser console adding max-height to the quill-containter like so:

<div class="quill-container" style="
    max-height: 320px;

It works, but it would be fine if it would be a default within the asana app. :wink:


That’s…odd. I’m curious to try it now.

I tried it and don’t see what the issue is, but don’t forget to hit the vote button for your suggestion at the top left of the thread! =)


Waiting for Asana to fix this (you should reach out to support about it) use Chrome extension called Stylebot to do a “permanent” fix and don’t bother about this anymore. I can provide the correct CSS code if needed!


@Caisha The issue is the following:
Go to asanas’ inbox > click on a comment to reply > write a long comment in the input field and see what happens when it overflows the browser window height:

The answer: You cant scroll the input and it exceeds the window height of the browser. But as the window height of broswer is fixed to the size of the browser, I can’t see my own reply anymore partially.


That is crazy! No wonder I never noticed it - good catch. Thanks for showing me what was going on =)


@Alexis maybe a bug should be filled?