Misleading "Permission" Error

Hi all,

When adding a task to a new board (client.tasks.add_project_for_task in the ruby sdk), if that task is on “too many” boards, this exception is triggered:

Asana::Errors::Forbidden: The authorization and request syntax was valid but the server is refusing to complete the request. This can happen if you try to read or write to objects or properties that the user does not have access to.

When visiting this task in the web UI and trying to add it manually, I see this error:

“You’ve reached the maximum number of projects per task”

It would be helpful if this error were surfaced in a way that reports the actual failure instead of a generic validation one that implies a permission issue.

Hi @OMAR13,

Thank you for the feedback. From taking a look at our ruby client library, it looks like we are returning this generic message for 403 errors. I’ll bring this up with my team.