Milestones should not be allowed to shift automatically to avoid a dependency conflict

“If you move the task at a later date, the milestones you depend on will move automatically.”
(When “Avoid dependency conflict” is turned on in the project settings)

By default, “Milestone” should be set so that it does not move automatically.
I understand that it is a “milestone” because it cannot be moved easily.
(Assuming that it can’t be helped to move it manually)

Hi @k-nishiyama and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! This is currently an expected behaviour, and we don’t have plans to prevent Milestones from automatically shifting to avoid dependency conflict, but if this was ever to change, we’ll make sure to keep you posted here!

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At the moment, a milestone is “only” a task displayed as a diamond, with a vertical line in Timeline view. That’s it.
In your case, I advise my clients to create a milestone not depending on anything. That way is stays as a “hard date”.

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