Milestone tasks don't print

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Tasks set as Milestones do not appear when exporting via Export/Print => Print…

Steps to reproduce:
Create a task
Set is as a Milestone task
[dot dot dot menu] => Export/Print => Print…
In print preview/PDF hardcopy, behold your Milestone is absent

Browser version:
Chrome stable on macOS 10.14

Upload screenshots below:


I tested your scenario in Chrome (Windows 10) and replicated as you said. Milestones do not appear in the print output.

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…whereas, Milestones DO appear in the print output of Timeline/Export/CSV (yet are not distinguished as Milestones.)

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Hi @Eston_Melton and thank you so much for reporting this issue!

Our team is currently working on updating printing views and is planning to add Milestones soon! In the meantime, you should be able to see Milestones in your prints using the “Cmd+P” shortcut (or “Ctrl+P” on Windows) instead of printing through “…” > Export/print > Print.

Hopefully this should help until we fix printing views so Milestone shows up, no matter what the printing path is!

Any update on this?

So sorry @Stephanie_Oberg, I had my last reply on this thread was typed up, but I obviously forgot to click on Reply!

Our team was aware about this issue and back in March it wasn’t yet prioritised, but I’ve requested an update today so hopefully we’ll get some good news :crossed_fingers:t3:Will make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!

Any updates? You still can’t distinguish Milestones when exporting project as CSV

Until this becomes available, note that Asana2Go easily creates CSVs and other formatted output and fully supports milestones. Since the post I just made below for more details:



Any update on this, @Marie ?

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This appears to be fixed. Thanks @Marie !

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