Migrating workspaces with kothar tool

I’m trying to migrate projects from one workspace to another. I’ve seen many posts suggesting using the third party tool https://asana.kothar.net/ to achieve this.

I’m having trouble with the tool, once I authenticate the tool can find my workspaces, one for my organisation, one for a personal workspace, but nothing more - no projects are listed, just the promotional video.

I’m the billing owner, my workspaces are not private, I’m the owner of every project… I’m at a loss as to what I’m missing. If anyone has any ideas for me I’d very much appreciate your input!

Hi @Samantha_Vale and welcome to the forum!

There’s a newer version of that tool available now: https://ditto.kothar.net/

Did you try that newer one? If not, give it a shot and report back if that works or not.


Oh thankyou so much for this, yes it’s picking up my worspaces, much appreciated!

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