[Meta] Feedback on how we're listening to your product feedback


Want to share your thoughts on how Asana is listening to your product feedback?

Let’s talk about it! Discuss here :slight_smile:

How we’re listening to your product feedback

Thanks @Alexis! This will surely add some needed organization.

BTW, sorting by votes doesn’t work as expected for me.

I’d love to see some more “uservoice”-type features added to make it even better:

  • status of item (working on it, under review, tabled, rejected, etc)
  • curation of feedback items such as combining similar items
  • bucket-izing items (UX/design, new functionality, admin settings, mobile etc)

As a reference, I think Suphatra and team at the Microsoft Teams Uservoice has done a great job. There is a nice sense of organization, forward motion, and user influence on what’s being worked on.


I appreciate product roadmapping can’t be a completely democratic process, but seeing a stronger connection between user feedback upvotes and how that affects what’s planned will make me love Asana even more.

List of upcoming Asana features would save users time & increase Asana sales