Messenger-syle Task Comments


The comments section of a task currently behaves as, essentially, a notepad. This makes it difficult to accurately keep track of where a particular task is. The Timeline’s functionality doesn’t quite fit this requirement because many businesses, like mine of course, have myriad tasks that don’t have specific end dates. If the comment section within a Task were to operate like a text messaging application, where messages are individualized, time-stamped and ordered from most recent to least, this would be EXTREMELY useful!

And if the Tasks could then include an icon indicator when it receives a new Task Message this would enhance the workflow substantially.

Thanks for a great product! Would be excellent to see it get even greater.


Really? No votes or comments? This is a simple, great idea! Would improve group efficiency A LOT.


I hesitate to endorse adding this functionality into Asana. It’s a major piece of work to add a full text-messaging component, and there are so many products which specialize in that (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hipchat, Twist, etc.). It feels like it could pull Asana’s development resources too much away from their core focus.

Evernote tried to add just something like this with their Work Chat, and frankly it’s been pretty much of a bust. I worry a similar fate could befall Asana trying to add something similar.


I appreciate the response!

Perhaps I am a fringe case, but I do think that something like this would be really helpful for keeping me and my teammates organized. We’ll see!