Messenger on Asana


Hi people,
Oftentimes, at work, we use Facebook messenger at work between groups of people scheduling, sharing and discussing. Do Asana have a messenger feature similar to Facebook messenger?
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No they don’t. They have Conversations, but that is more like a newsletter and not a real-time chat.


The closest you’d get to an Asana messenger service is probably the Slack integration:


It can be a real-time chat if you have browser notifications on and you @ someone. You can use the conversations or any comment section like a real time chat. We use it this way to communicate in real time about projects. We are also a Microsoft company so we utilize Teams as well. We have a tendency to jump back and forth between Asana and Teams for communications.



Hi @Katie_Reynolds
I’m very interested in that topic and I’m wondering : the proliferation of tools to communicate does not lead to confusion and loss of information?