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Does anyone know when the messaging add on that is currently in BETTA will be available for all team members?

Hi @Marcus_Briggs and welcome to the forum!

Do you mean this, or something else?

Thanks for the quick reply Phil. I’m actually referring to the messaging piece on the ASANA app. Messaging is found within each team (i believe that’s correct) but is currently in BETA as a tab on the app.


Still a little confused, due mostly to the forum section where we are. “Developers & API” is for developers writing code to interact with Asana, and this “App Components” section is specifically for developers working with the App Components beta.

It sounds like your question is not related to App Components or even related to code development but rather the Messaging product feature in the Asana UI? (The Messaging feature is not related to App Components.) Or am I off-target on your question?

You are correct Phil… Looks like I’m posting in the wrong place. Thanks for the clarity.

No worries, @Marcus_Briggs - just wanted to clarify!

Regarding your question… messaging has been out for almost a year now and AFAIK is available to all users. Having said that, I see what you mean about it saying “BETA” in the iOS app (I didn’t check Android) so I’m not sure what that’s about.

@Forum-team can you clarify here? Thanks!

Hi @Marcus_Briggs, great question! Thanks for pulling us in, @Phil_Seeman! :slight_smile:

Our Product team are currently testing the Messaging tab on mobile. While I don’t have any updates on whether this will be rolled out fully yet, I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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