Messages - Update to display drafts on all pages - not helpful

Is anyone else finding the latest update with Messages to be very unhelpful? Asana now has ALL draft messages showing up on ALL pages you open, regardless if the message has anything do with the board you are viewing.

Our team uses Messages for many reasons, meeting notes being one of them. We can no longer draft anything in Messages because we risk exposing client details to other clients - I can’t share my screen anymore on project A because project B has a draft message that is defaulting to opening on the project A board.

This change was confirmed by Asana to be intentional - though I can’t comprehend why they would want to expose information from unrelated boards on any other board.

@Shawn_Murphy i think I am experiencing something similar as well when creating new tasks using the omnibutton. The “new task” pop up appears on all browser tabs even when viewing different projects.

Are you seeing this behavior also? It creates the same issue when wanting to present one tab and capture minutes in another.

I am seeing that behavior with Tasks as well. I don’t use the omni button as my go to - typically work on specific boards - but I can see that being problematic for those who do.

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Hi @Shawn_Murphy, @Jerod_Hillard, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

I’ll relay this back to our Product team and keep you updated it they make any changes :slight_smile:

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For what it is worth @Rebecca_McGrath, I think a better solution might be to show a banner at the bottom of the screen. Similar to when you collapse a post here in the forum that you are drafting. This would allow you to be reminded of the draft, but not expose the content when using a separate window to present data externally.

I know many prefer to have multiple windows of Asana open and the current behavior is more disruptive than it is productive IMHO.

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Another option would be a Saved Search. You already have Messages I’ve Sent and Messages I’ve Received. Seems logical to have a Draft Messages, instead of defaulting to have all drafts show up on every page you open.

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