Merging Tasks

Currently, whenever our team responds to an email that includes the Asana email address, Asana receives the response and creates a new task. This creates situations where the response email needs to be transferred to the original task, and any newly added team members need to be migrated as well, before merging the duplicate task. It would be wonderful if Asana had the ability to add the response email to the original task.

Asana offers one option currently for duplicated tasks: Merge. If Asana had 2 options instead, (example) Add and Merge, this could allow more flexibility to users. In this example “Add” would:

  1. Take the content of the new task and added it, along with any subtasks and viewers, and added all of the task description and task comments as comments to the original task.
  2. Delete the duplicate task.

“Merge” would continue to delete the new task without amending it to the existing task.

Having the Add button behave in this fashion would also allow greater ease of clean-up in situations where duplicate tickets have been worked by multiple teams unknowingly. No information would be lost in this method, and the team ultimately responsible for handling the task wouldn’t need to search through subtasks to find the information they need.

Hi @beckib and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Thank you very much for reaching out. There is actually a way to add a comment on the original task by email.

Please have a look at my colleague response in the following thread to learn how: How to prevent duplicate tasks from being created when sending an email to the same thread more than once?

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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The articles I’ve found talk about enabling email notifications, which our team has already done. Our team has one email each only, so email notifications are in place for all team members already.

It looks like you are also asking users to take an additional step of removing one email address and adding a new email address before replying to the email they received. Is that correct?

As project manager, I would prefer to have a technical method to fix the issue that doesn’t rely on changing user behavior, particularly since changing the reply all email addresses is difficult to do on mobile devices such as phones.

Is there a solution that I’m missing that doesn’t involve changing the email addresses prior to sending the email?


Hi @beckib :wave:

Sorry for the confusion here, let me give you a little more details. There is actually no need to remove any email address or add a new one.

If you want to comment on a task, you just need to reply to the Notification email received from Asana (first email on the screenshot below), not to the email you received from your colleague (Second email in the screenshot below).

1 ) In the screenshot below, my colleague Marie has assigned a task to me.

In order to add a comment to this task, I need to reply to the email notification I received from Asana, there is actually an option at the bottom of the notification I received; see below:

Hope this helps to clear things up, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions.