Merging duplicate tasks: dependencies linked to the "duplicate" should be carried over



When marking a task as a duplicate, thus closing the task, any tasks relying on the closed-as-duplicate task as a dependency should now be dependant on the merged task, otherwise, the dependency just evaporates.



Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @Justin_Maxwell :slight_smile: Technically if two tasks are duplicates they should both be the exact same (including dependencies), which explains why Asana currently ignores dependencies associated to the dupliactes; but I can see where you’re coming from. While I can’t promise anything at this stage, we will keep your feedback in mind for future improvements!


Tags are combined. If this is addressed, it may also be worth ensuring the target (remaining open) task is added to the project of the source (now closed) task, and so any custom fields are preserved as well. Obviously, if there is a clash, the target task has to take precedence (e.g. if both in same project, but different sections, task can’t be in both, e.g.2 if both already have a value for a custom field, can’t merge the values.)

Essentially, I want merging duplicate tasks to be easy and painless, rather than having to check carefully what might be lost in the process each time. e.g. you might merge two tasks in the same project, but if you don’t notice that the task you’re closing-as-duplicate is also in a second project, it’ll just be gone from there (with a notification at least, but even then it may not be clear).


Thanks for the additional context @Justin_Maxwell, this will be super useful to help us plan for future improvements. Will make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have some updates!