Merged accounts


I may have made a mistake, I’m not sure.

I have an Organization based on my work email. I was going to add a separate workspace/account for my personal stuff, and I don’t want anything to be co-mingled. Asana asked me for a “secondary email” in case I lose access to my main email. Well, I used the same email that I created the 2nd account/workspace from. Then it said it was merging the accounts. I don’t think I want that, and I can’t figure out how to stop it, or reverse it.

Any ideas on this?


My guess is that you are afraid of merging when you should be glad you did. Your two workspace/organization won’t share any info/tasks/tags… but you will be able to access both when logged in. If you don’t merge, you’ll have to logout and login to change.

As an example, I am part of about a dozen organizations, and have 3 different email addresses.


Oh, I can’t seem to disagree with Bastien. I was also glad I did merged the same scenarios of my Work Email and my personal email.

All Asana does is create two separate Workspaces. and I could just switch between the two using the option @ top right corner of Asana.


I regret merging. Or rather, I regret trying to unmerge afterwards. I thought it would be as simple as deactivating the new account that I created to merge with the first account.

The result was that I’ve now lost access to the first account. It is still active apparently, but I can’t log in - it just keeps telling me that something is wrong with my username or password. Asana won’t let me use the forgotten password link - it just keeps redirecting me back to the main login screen. I can’t delete the account, can’t re-invite it, nothing.

Has anyone had a similar experience or know what to do to get back into the account?



I can log in but its lots its identity to be assignee or follower in the merged into account and does not show as a member even as a guest member.