Merge tasks option not showing for duplicates


Previously when multiple tasks had the same name I would get the option to merge the two tasks. Now the option never appears, is there a way to get this back?


I don’t know why it wouldn’t be appearing without prompting (maybe they decided it wasn’t a good idea), but you can always merge duplicate or similar tasks by pressing Tab+Shift+D or clicking on the … option and selecting ‘Merge Duplicate Tasks’.


Thanks Caisha, is there any way to turn it on so that it prompts automatically?

This was the one most useful parts of Asana for me.


I don’t know honestly, maybe @Alexis can bring some clarity to your issue =)


Hey there! @Jarrod_Brown you are correct. The feature has been updated and an automatic merge option no longer exists. We’ll just need to merge manually now.

I’m glad to know merge is helpful for you and I’ll send your feedback to my team.


Great now how do we merge manually? This is a pain!


I’m pretty sure that ASANA used to actually merge two tasks - not just close one and reference it in the other. This isn’t really merging the tasks and it’s not at all helpful. Most of the time you don’t notice there is a duplicate until there are notes or attachments added to each. If all I wanted to do was close the duplicate I could easily do that without a special feature. I want the notes and attachments to all exist on a single task.

Will this be an option in the future?