Merge Subtasks from a Template


I created a task that I use for onboarding and it has several subtasks. I use this as a template and just copy it when I need to use it again. I am continually making changes to the template to better my process but the copied tasks that I have created do not have those changes. Is there a way to somehow merge my template into the existing tasks to update them to match my new changes? I don’t want to have to go through each copied task and manually enter the changes I have made and do this every time I make a change.


Once you have made a copy of a task, any changes to the template won’t be reflected in the copies.


Is there any way to make that possible?


Not yet, this is raising a lot of questions in terms of experience, and this is often not expected. My guess is that it will never be the case.
If this is critical, an external development is needed.

Asana consultant, author and developer