@ Mentions not showing up when searching

I created a PROJECT with TASKS
TASKS are all Names of Architects
Then in other projects I sometimes @ ‘the name of the architect’ that I have already entered under ARCHITECTS and as I am typing the name comes up from my list and I click it - so there is essentially a hyperlink (@‘task’) back to the architect under the ARCHITECTS project…
For some reason now (since last week) any new ones I have entered in do not show up when I search? The hyperlink is still in the subtask/ task but not searchable so can not find them unless I go through and try and find manually.

HI @Tim_Grose and thanks for reaching out in the Forum.

Could you please share some screenshots to illustrate the issue, I’m a little bit struggling to visualise what your project looks like! Could you also share a screenshot of what you see in the Search results?

Looking forward to your reply!

This image shows the PROJECT and then under the SECTION (DEVELOPERS) I have a list of TASKS (that are all DEVELOPERS)… Then as an example - one of the TASKS that I added recently was the developer BALTINAS

This image shows 1 of the 4 @BALTINAS references i have made throughout various PROJECTS / TASKS / SUB-TASKS…

This then shows me searching for any @BALTINAS mention or reference

This then shows the results - which does not include the @BALTINAS results - only if BALTINAS is actually mentioned in text not with an @ mention… ?

There are at least 4 times I have used an @BALTINAS and the only results showing are for the ones that actually have BALTINAS written in the title as well as the original section of BALTINAS that I did… ? I thought it only just started to not work but when I further tested - it looks like any @MENTIONS do not show up unless the actual MENTION is done - so any @MENTION search does not show the results at all of the @MENTION ?

Hi @Tim_Grose and thanks for the additional info, I do understand what is happening here, and it is actually an expected behaviour! Let me explain a little bit more!

In Asana you can indeed use @ to mention people, tasks, or projects (more info in this article: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/text#gl-at-mention) and it is indeed very useful when you want to hyperlink other tasks in a comment or task description. But the “@” shouldn’t be used when searching for these tasks. So instead of searching for @BALTINAS, simply search for BALTINAS and you should find all tasks including the word “baltinas” :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, but if you have any follow up questions, or if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!

Hi Marie,

I am pretty sure any @Baltinas hyperlink will not show up when searching just Baltinas


Hi Marie,

Not putting an @ does not show the results still.

Here I have deleted the word BALTINAS out of two TITLES (but they are still @Baltinas hyperlinks) and those two results disappear in the search results?

Thanks for the follow-up and additional info @Tim_Grose; let me check in with our team on this question and see if we can find a way to help! I’ll be in touch as soon as they get back to me!

Thanks for your patience @Tim_Grose, just heard back from our team this morning!

So as it stands, the best way to search for tasks where you hyperlinked “Baltinas” is to search with its URL; you actually don’t need to use the whole URL but just the last set of digits as shown in the screenshot below:

I’m aware this is not ideal and hopefully we can come up with something better in the future, but in the meantime, I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marie but that is not a great outcome at all? Very counter productive - so I hope they can fix that at some stage