@mentioning in tasks


I am sure I must be doing something wrong because I have used @mentioning to link to people and tasks before but today I can’t get it to work. I am creating a task that requires the assignee to save a document in another project. I was trying to use the @mentioning function to show which project - I was wondering if it would only link to specific tasks, but I tried that and no luck. when I type @ and start typing the first few letters I am getting nothing, no suggestions. Any ideas what might be going wrong?


Hi @Ruth_Newnham,

Thanks for your note. From what you described, that does not sound like intended behavior. Have you tried copying the URL of the project and then pasting that link into the task? That has the same effect as @mentioning.

If you continue to experience issues with @mentioning do let our support team know.



@Aisling_Grogan the whole point of @mentioning is so I don’t have to go into the project, find it’s URL, go back to the task and then paste it in. I understand that has the same effect but is not an effective way of doing it. I’ll obviously have to get on to support.


By the way - It works fine in conversations, comments and descriptions so it might be just that it doesn’t work in writing of the task or sub-task itself and there might be a perfectly sensible reason why - my workaround is to add it in the description, so it isn’t a major problem, I just have to rely on someone reading the description. That in itself shouldn’t be an issue, but you know people! Really I was just trying to find out if this is or isn’t part of the @mentioning feature.

UPDATE - I have since found out (after clarifying what I was trying to do ) that what I wanted to do is not actually possible. You can’t use the @mentioning function in the writing of the task, only in the comments, conversations and descriptions


Just to clarify for others, cause it took me a minute - she means you can’t mention things in task titles.


Yes @Caisha (I know the pictures awful but it’s she :slightly_smiling_face: )


oh no sorry, that was all me I was just on autopilot answering stuff and had just responded to a gentleman! I don’t think I even looked at your name x.x Sorry to misgender you like that Ruth, was thoughtless of me.