@Mentioning groups of users in comment

Need this feature.

One more vote!

I just upvoted this! This would be a very handy feature to have!


Doesn’t matter how many people want it, if its not in their development pipeline then its never coming and I am going to start looking at the other tools out there.

Completely agree that this would be very helpful and is needed. Upvoted :+1:

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Any news?
Soon 2023…

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This is would be awesome, please work on this!!!

+1 this feature is definitely needed!

I have now bumped into this issue already as well as our team grows out. As noted, competitors do offer this as well. Keep upvoting this thread so that it becomes more visibile.

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bumping this post. This would be a handy feature when you need to tag a group of people in a comment (ex: all department managers)