@Mentioning groups of users in comment

Upvoting this as well - would be super useful.

:100: :heavy_plus_sign: 1 !!

Downvoting for @here and @all or any company-wide mentioning. It increases the noise for big teams.
Please consider choosing another instruments for this type of communication, especially if you think about scaling your business.

But I am upvoting for mentioning admin-defined user groups.

Same here it’s 2022 and still not getting the feature

I’m going to toss my ditto into this pile. Seems like something a lot of people would like.

Still need this! Our Marketing team alone has 20+ members, so it is extremely inefficient to tag each member at a time as collaborator - need a way to tag separate teams based on their Asana team name.

We are constantly missing people because we have so many different teams.

It’s been 3 years with so many people asking for such an important productivity feature. Does anyone know if anyone from Asana even looks at these?

Is there any update on this?

+1 we need this badly

+1 for this feature to be added !

+1 definitely please!