@Mentioned Only Notifications

Apologies in advance if this was already asked. Is there a way to filter my Inbox to only see the notifications where I am @ mentioned directly?
I am added as a Collaborator to so many tasks that it is cluttering my @ mentioned inbox filter to the point where I lose track of the messages where I am actually mentioned and may need to respond.

Thank you.


Have you tried the filter at the top of your inbox?


If this isn’t filtering out comments where you haven’t been specifically @mentioned you may be experiencing a bug.


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Thanks @Christine_Bolton. Yes, this is what I have my filter set to, however I’m getting all notifications from comments on tasks I am added as a Collaborator (without being directly mentioned). See example below. Is there a way to fix this or reset?

@ambforumleader @pforumleader – can anyone confirm this isn’t expected behavior? I can’t replicate it.

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Cannot replicate it either. For me it works as intended

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Maybe you were notified once, and then Asana shows that comment and the next ones?

Yes, this is the case. I was mentioned in previous comments, and have continued to receive notifications for all new comments in the task.

But have you archived the initial notification where you were mentioned?

I suspect this is a bug.

I have changed the category of your post to a bug. Let’s see.

Hi everyone, thanks for flagging this. I couldn’t replicate this on my end either, but I’ll escalate the case to our Developers for confirmation. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have updates

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Hi @Dayna_Brisco, sorry for the delay. The Developers had a look into this case, and they’ve confirmed that no changes have been made to inbox filters. They were not able to replicate this either, however, they’ve noted that if:

  • you were @mentioned on a task at some point
  • later, many other activities happened in that same task

If you have all the latest activity expanded, it can be unclear that you were in fact mentioned earlier. They’ve provided a screenshot with a similar behavior:

I hope this helps clarify! Let me know if you still have any questions!

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