Member vs. Guest User Permissions



It seems like having more robust user permissions is a highly desirable feature.
Let me suggest the following rules at least for the Workspace configuration:

  • only Members can create and delete projects, Guests can neither create nor delete projects;
  • Guests cannot delete stories (activity logs) - they can change things on a tasks but all is logged without an option;
  • Guests can delete and undelete tasks, however they cannot delete them permanently;
  • in Deleted Items view Guests see only tasks that they created or deleted;
  • in Deleted Items view Members see all deleted tasks they would normally have access to (i.e. excl. those from private projects where they are not members).

By having these rules in place, the system settings would not be more complicated as there is no more options to set up. At the same time we make sure that occasional temporary project guests cannot harm the data without a way back.

Thanks for considering!


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