Meetings in Asana Calendar

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we’re using Asana in our Company since a few weeks, and were getting deeper into it. What I am looking for is a sensemaking possibility to add meetings (rendez-vous) with my clients in asana calendar. The differnce between tasks and meetings is, that meetings should’t be shown with the end time (due time), but with start time. The only way to get this, is to not insert a end time. Unfortunately, my colleagues have no overview about how long my meetings are with this. Currently I put my planned length of my meetings in the description, but thats not really useful.
I miss a button where I can choose if a task is shown with start time or with due time.
My secretary should see at a glance, when I have free time for another meeting.

Do you have other ways to solve this?

Perhaps, this would be an option for next update …

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Hi @Lisa_Marie_Doetsch, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Would you mind providing a little more clarification here? Would you like the option to add a start time only and no due time?

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath ,

thanks for your answer.

I would like to insert a meeting to my asana calendar with a start and an end-time, so that my collegues are able to see how long my meetings are. But when I insert meetings like this, asana calendar will show it with the due date.

For Example:
I insert a new meeting which is planned from 14:00 to 15:00

My calendar will show it with the due date: 15:00
This is totally ok, because asana is built to manage TASKS, but it would be nice to have meetings planned in asana, too.

Thanks a lot for helping me.

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I have the same issue. A simple solution would be that when a start time is entered you have the option to make it pop up in the task (in board view)