Meeting non-task record for notes

I have a project for our “Technology Work Group”. I have a section there for “Meeting Notes”. I create a Task record for each time we meet.

However, these aren’t really Tasks. For example, I or someone else may mark these as Completed - which will then hide the meeting notes and take extra steps to get back. That’s NOT what we want to happen.

Is there a way to remove the ability to “Mark the Task as Complete” for these “Meeting Notes” type records?

FYI, I’m not using the Premium version.

I see that I can create a “Section” instead of a “Task”; however, then it look ugly with all the bold text and underlines. And there’s no group header.

You can’t block people from completing tasks unless you make a projet “comment-only”. @Marie what would happen if you multi-home a task into a comment-only project? :thinking:

@Jef_Mendoza, Another approach would be to change the project’s view to “All Tasks” instead of “Incomplete Tasks” and saving that view for everyone. If it gets marked complete it will still show (and maybe then you’d mark them all complete since they all happened already).

But I agree it would be nice to designate a task “uncompletable” for such reference tasks. I often have to shepherd projects by being sure I’m a project member so that I can reverse inadvertent changes like this when I notice them in my Asana Inbox. Often people select tasks too close the checkmark and mark them complete by mistake too!