Meeting Minutes


How do I use Asana to take minutes? The meeting agenda template is very good for listing items for a meeting but not very good for taking detailed minutes. Furthermore, I can’t use it to assign tasks because once someone marks “Completed” that task is GONE. As a format for meeting minutes we would like to see everything documented for reference.

Any way around this?

Hi @Peter_Lee welcome to the community.

On completion the task is not gone it is still available. If you have a look at the top right hand side of the task view you should see the “Incomplete Tasks” if you click on this you can change it to all tasks, or just completed tasks in a specific period.

Hope this helps .



Welcome to the Forum @Peter_Lee! :wave:

In case you need it, I’m attaching a screenshot to illustrate what @Jason_Woods has explained.

If you want to save “All Tasks” as the default view, you can click on the three dots on the right corner and select Save layout as default. This view will be saved as default for everyone you’re collaborating with.

I hope this helps! Have a nice day!