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Rules break automatically in “Personal projects” - seems to work elsewhere. Will that be fixed?

Still need an answer for recurring tasks.

Which plan lets you stop auto-generated recurring tasks from appearing in “Recently assigned” and having to be manually moved to “Later” or “Upcoming”?

Recurring tasks now recreate under “Recently assigned” - what rule will send them to “Later” or “Upcoming” as before?


My first thought was of every single active user creating rules to replicate the behaviour that was previously automatic - such a waste of time.

It seems the reason that Asana hasn’t created the required rules for all its active users is because the the rules can’t actually do everything that used to happen automatically. So they’ve left everyone to discover that and figure out their own solutions (more duplication). That’s very disappointing…


Hi. When rules are created based off the due date to be organized in a certain section, will the task be updated to the appropriate new section? If not, is there a way to remove the section from the task?

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Actually, you got some things mixed up. We only just became a Business paid plan in early May 2021 after a free 30 day trail that began in April. So we are current customers, not past.

I’m fairly certain I have not migrated yet, as I sent a screen grab of my MyTasks to Support and they let me know that I’m on V1 (evidenced by my not yet having the option on MyTasks to set up Custom Rules).

It might, admittedly, have been “user error” that I’m on V1 and do not have “Today” “Upcoming” and “Later” sections. But I honestly don’t remember changing anything on that tab (or even really exploring it), as I spent the first month of use setting up all of our templates and inputting our projects and tasks, etc. This week was the first time I started to try to discover the functionality of the MyTasks page. And the way it currently looks, 95% of our many tasks are populating in MyTasks in an uncategorized list, not assigned to any section. So it doesn’t really behave like V1 or V2 from what I can see. Again, perhaps it’s user error.

It won’t be. “Personal Projects” is a very old type of Asana structure - they stopped adding it to new users a few years back and don’t really support it any more - it’s not recommended for use. Best to migrate off of it to a regular workspace or organization. You can do that via

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:slightly_frowning_face:. Been using since 2015, wonder why I never heard. Oh well, migration done (thanks Kothar) and of course all my tasks are now “Recently assigned” so this will be an ‘interesting’ experience with the rules.

What’s your expert opinion on how to replicate similar behaviour to the old Today/Upcoming/Later setup? The rules can’t cope with “Later” but I think having sections for “Day 1”, “Day 2-7”, “Day 8-30” etc (whatever floats your boat) might be a good alternative that due date rules will handle. But I foresee a problem with annual tasks - possibly overcome with 2 rules (365 and 366 days) and I also believe that if I’ve set a task to recur every 14 days, it won’t go into “Day 8-30” as the trigger isn’t met - it will hang about in “Recently assigned” until the trigger for “Day 2-7” is met.

I see myself ending up with 23 rules on my “Day 8-30” section - one for due date 8 days away, one for due date 9 days away… and so on, just to capture new tasks generated by recurring tasks as well as randomly-dated manually-created tasks. I suppose the compromise is not to legislate for every possible day, and accept “Recently assigned” as a holding area that has little other use anymore.

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A thought here. As I can foresee myself setting up a bunch of sections with accompanying rules to keep “My Tasks” in order (and not holidaying semi-permanently in “Recently Assigned”), can we have a way to export/import the structure and rules as a template?

This would be useful for anyone managing several workspaces - I do, and I don’t relish the thought of duplicating my effort on every workspace. We could also share our templates with others - anything to help!

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My understanding is that when the due date of a task matches the trigger in the rule, the task will move to the section dictated by the rule.

If you create a rule that moves tasks to “Upcoming” when their due date is 1 week away, that’s exactly what will happen. But if you create a task today that is 6 days away, the 1 week rule will never catch it - you have to move it into “Upcoming” manually, or create a rule based on 5 days (I think, as the rules run at local midnight) if you find you’re always creating tasks due in 6 days. (PS maybe I’m wrong here but it’s how I’ve understood the explanation I’ve read - trying to test it!)


The new My Tasks rules have only been around for a few weeks so no one is an expert yet! :laughing:

See the section “Recreating Today, Upcoming, Later promotion behavior” here:

See this thread for more on recurring tasks:

Bottom line: recurring tasks in My Tasks don’t currently behave the way anyone including Asana wants, and that should be corrected soon. So I wouldn’t advise spending a lot of time trying to build rules to process recurring tasks since their behavior is likely to be changing soon.


That would be cool! You can create a new thread in the Product Feedback forum section if you want to make this a more “formal” request and have people be able to vote for it.

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Mine also just says “rule broken” for everything I try to create.

Hi Lari,

This likely means you’re using a Personal Projects workspace which is old and I’m afraid no longer maintained by Asana. You’ll want to migrate away from it; see:

This is a definitely a major downgrade, significantly disrupting my team’s workflow which is so dependent on the things you have broken.

I won’t repeat what’s been said many times before such as in these threads:

I am waiting to see if you fix the glaring issues such as the removal of the simple and powerful Tab-L to defer tasks due later, and now forcing all recurring tasks to appear again on your list, not auto-deferred like they were before with the mandatory “hack”.


FWIW Asana has said that fixes for both of those things - keyboard shortcuts and handing of recurring tasks - are coming soon.


And to give some general feedback to the Asana team:

My team moved from Trello to Asana a few years ago because Asana was a great GTD compatible task management system that worked with multiple users and could handle recurring tasks pretty well.

Over time, Asana has continued to add more and more feature bloat, but we have mostly ignored that and continued to use the great core functionality as we always have. I now see 6 links at the top of the menu bar, and we still only use 2: MyTasks and Inbox. I have been concerned Asana would do something in its never ending quest to add more “features” that would break this core functionality, and today it looks like this is the case.

I’m hopeful that Asana understands this and we will see a satisfactory fix soon.


Hi @Henry_Farnam ,
Thank you for mentioning me, and no - no update, since we still haven’t received the update. So we’re still waiting.

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