Meet your new My Tasks

This update is so bad I made an account to complain. Forcing users to recreate existing rules for sorting? Removing keyboard shortcuts to break existing g workflows? Still not fixing the fact that you can’t hit the “Customize” menu while selecting a subtask? Incredible degradation of a perfectly fine product.

You could have solved most of this by creating the rules and applying them to every account. But now if I’m recommending Asana to someone new, instead of log in and start using, it’s “okay, so you’re going to want to create some custom rules…” and nobody’s going to do that.

Inserting friction into your product, that’s a good thing, right?


I think Asana is telling many of its users to sunset their subscriptions. Weird choice!


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Hi @lpb @Bartek_Nowotarski @Emily_Roman do you know if there’s a product feedback thread asking for the ability to sort tasks by project within the sections of my tasks? It will have the same result without having to configure advanced searches.
It’s strange because it’s possible for every other sorting (likes / dates / etc…) but not for projects.
Thanks for your help.

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Hi! i am very confused about this new set up. The section ‘today’ isn’t showing all my tasks for today… It shows 5 tasks, while I have a lot more… The before version worked perfect…


Hi Asana,
The update and retirement of functions severely impacts workflows.
Shortcuts no longer working is a super loss.
Similarly, recurring tasks now appear in “recently added” section, rather than in “later” or “upcoming” sections


I have met my new My Tasks and I HATE IT

I used to be able to manually promote between Today, Upcoming and Later. I no longer can do so because of the way the Rules function works. I have set up Rules, but they do not function as expected - when I add a due date to “Recently Assigned” it does not auto-populate to Today/Upcoming/Later based on due date.

Is it too much to ask that IF IT IS NOT BROKEN DO NOT FIX IT?



This update is so bad I made an account to complain also, and left flame-worthy feedback.


Just got the new update this morning and I actually rather like it! Being able to set my own automatic section moves is worth them only running at midnight. That said, the one thing I wish it would let me do is have a rule that says “If a task’s Due Date is: before next Monday, move it to This Week”. For now I think I can make it work but having some more control over the timing of the pre-built rules would be nice to have eventually!

Additionally, is there a way to see what all Rules features are available in the custom package without upgrading to Business for a month? If it’s good stuff I could use it as justification for an upgrade to my company.


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@Mads_Knutzon We are new Business plan users (began May 2021), and we still don’t have it either as of 27 May, 2021. I guess we’re stuck back in the migration line with you as well. Yesterday a Support rep from Asana informed us we aren’t in the “new user” migration. So who knows what they consider as new users vs. older users. I’m going to tell myself that it’s a tech rollout issue in terms of how they migrate accounts. And that we, as Business users are using a more tech heavy robust version of it that will take longer to migrate us? But for what it’s worth, I think we all, as Business plan users should get it before the premium users, and be way ahead of it being rolled out to the free users; and that YOU as a 4 year Business plan user should get the migration ahead of us as 1 month users (if they need to break up the migration even further).

FYI reading this thread chronologically, so with your post being currently 29 days old, you may have posted an update that I haven’t gotten to yet).

@Pierre-Michel_Ruel, Despite what I wrote yesterday, I’m not sure now. Perhaps you should create a new post in #productfeedback for your request. @Rebecca_McGrath is that correct?



I hope so! I desperately need (as a new user) to get a triage plan in place for the volume of tasks that I/we’ve created for our 2 seat (Business plan) startup creative Org, so that I can streamline my daily workflow. Now that I’m transitioning from a new user who is brainstorming/inputting all tasks into our Asana Org projects, to a user who is actually starting to use the Asana features to get moving forward on accomplishing actual work, I’m realizing that I’m going to be relying heavily on MyTasks. Which means learning how MyTasks works and customizing it to my brain/workflow.

But from the sound of it, with all the upset and complaints from existing users on the rollout, I don’t dare try to help myself become more productive in the interim by learning how to use V1 of MyTasks, as it seems SO much of what users valued in V1 has been sunsetted.

So right now, I’m left with a huge unruly list of tasks (many of which have random/best guess/best case scenario due dates) and no really good way to organize this huge list, other than manually trying to move things around.

I also wonder if, as a new user as of April (free 30 day trial - to paid Business customer) I might have a strange mid-migration version of MyTasks? Everyone talks about Sections called Today, upcoming and Later. And auto-populating of tasks within that. I don’t have any such thing on mine. I only have “Marked for Today - No Due Date” and “Later”. Everything with a due date that I’ve input during the trial and after we became business members shows up in MyTasks in a non-section assigned long list sorted by due date. “Marked for Today - No Due Date” has one task that was created in my first days of moving our work into Asana, and nothing else. And “Later” seems to be populated in a very random way that makes very little sense to us. I’m fully willing to accept that it was my own new user error that mucked up the MyTasks page. But I’ve yet to see MyTasks on my Asana account look anything or behave anything like what everyone on here describes from V1. And I’m clearly not V2 yet, as I don’t have custom rules functions yet.

I look forward to getting out of limbo and customizing MyTasks in a way that will work for me.

Am I correct in understanding that we won’t get the V2 migration until 2 weeks after we get an in-App Asana message on MyTasks warning us of the migration? I’ve not seen any of the gray warning boxes I’ve seen screen grabs of on the Forum that others have gotten prior to their migration? If that’s the case, then the end of May migration for existing Business customers is not an accurate estimate (or at least not accurate in my case?)


I have a premium workspace. I am only really hearing about the timeline for Business/Enterprise, which is end of May. What is the timeline for premium workspaces at this point?

Thank you!

Hi @lpb, jumping in here for @Rebecca_McGrath! I have a quick look and I see we don’t have any threads in the #productfeedback category requesting this feature. @Pierre-Michel_Ruel please feel free to create a new one and we will follow up with you when we have any plans to implement the option to sort tasks by project within sections. Thanks for your feedback!

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@Lee_Meeks these are the Rules available per plan:

  • Free version:
    • Move tasks to a certain section when the due date is approaching
  • Premium version:
    • Move tasks to a certain section when the due date is approaching
    • Move task to a certain section when they are marked complete
    • Complete a task when it is moved to a certain section
  • Business & Enterprise versions:
    • All custom rules currently available for projects

Hi @Henry_Farnam, thanks for reaching out! If you don’t have Today, upcoming and Later sections, it’s probably because you already have the new My Tasks. I’m wondering if you see the Board tab and the Customize button in your My tasks? If you still don’t have it, it’s probably because, as you mentioned, you used to be part of a Business plan when the migration started.

@Zane_Bartlett I’m requesting an update and I hope to have news about the timeline soon!

I’m a premium user and have yet to see this roll out. I’m so confused .

Hi @lpb @Emily_Roman it’s done.
For those who would like to vote for this features here’s the link: Ability to sort tasks by project within sections in my tasks view
Have a good day