Meet your new My Tasks

Agreed strongly. That would have avoided almost all the pain that users are reporting.


So much pain! I was also unable to follow the directions given for using the rules to customize the experience. Why did Asana think it was a good idea to remove the “tab L” function to move a task from “recently assigned” to “Later”?


Been having a lot of back and forth with Asana support about these issues and there does not seem to be a plan to go back to what the My Tasks area was before. The hot keys have been “sunsetted” and the rules function cannot completely mimic the previous auto sort. Hopefully more people bring up this issue so we can get some functionality back.


That is coming back I believe.

Can you elaborate?



Hi @Richard_Clarke, I recommend you to check out these four ways to organize your MyTasks including by date!

@PatPat you can see your colleagues sections in their My Tasks as long as you have access to manage their My Tasks:

Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 11.51.03

Great question, I’m trying to test this on my end and I’ll confirm how it currently works!

Yes, we hope to have news about this soon!

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@PatPat, @Emily_Roman, and others,

I’m afraid the rule doesn’t respect Start date at all.

Please vote for this feedback request that I just added:




Sorry, but I am not happy at all with this update. Minor change with big impact on daily habits.


They may call it a feature but it’s a disaster for me. The new My Tasks is so counterintuitive that we have had tasks that were missed because of it. Normally, my morning task of deciding on which tasks to do today and which to defer takes five to ten minutes and I quite enjoyed it. Now it takes much longer and is a PITA. The suggestion of adding automated rules is not helpful as Asana still hasn’t figured out a way to make the start date the deciding factor for when a project is due. Bring back the keyboard shortcuts right now and stop faffing around with stuff that doesn’t need faffing with.


Oh my God - I’ve just got the ‘upgrade’ and it’s completely wrecked the workflow - I’m seriously busy at the moment and now my whole automatic tidy Task List (that was keeping me from losing my marbles) is gone - you can’t call it an upgrade and take away features - I’m so darn frustrated right now!!
To make it clear (and in case I’m missing something) I don’t need Recent, Today, Later - I need This week, Next Week, Next Month, Next Qtr.
I just set the Today section up with the rule on so I could at least see the tasks most urgent and it’s not even showing today or tommorrows tasks :frowning:


This update is so bad I made an account to complain. Forcing users to recreate existing rules for sorting? Removing keyboard shortcuts to break existing g workflows? Still not fixing the fact that you can’t hit the “Customize” menu while selecting a subtask? Incredible degradation of a perfectly fine product.

You could have solved most of this by creating the rules and applying them to every account. But now if I’m recommending Asana to someone new, instead of log in and start using, it’s “okay, so you’re going to want to create some custom rules…” and nobody’s going to do that.

Inserting friction into your product, that’s a good thing, right?


I think Asana is telling many of its users to sunset their subscriptions. Weird choice!


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Hi @lpb @Bartek_Nowotarski @Emily_Roman do you know if there’s a product feedback thread asking for the ability to sort tasks by project within the sections of my tasks? It will have the same result without having to configure advanced searches.
It’s strange because it’s possible for every other sorting (likes / dates / etc…) but not for projects.
Thanks for your help.

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Hi! i am very confused about this new set up. The section ‘today’ isn’t showing all my tasks for today… It shows 5 tasks, while I have a lot more… The before version worked perfect…


Hi Asana,
The update and retirement of functions severely impacts workflows.
Shortcuts no longer working is a super loss.
Similarly, recurring tasks now appear in “recently added” section, rather than in “later” or “upcoming” sections


I have met my new My Tasks and I HATE IT

I used to be able to manually promote between Today, Upcoming and Later. I no longer can do so because of the way the Rules function works. I have set up Rules, but they do not function as expected - when I add a due date to “Recently Assigned” it does not auto-populate to Today/Upcoming/Later based on due date.

Is it too much to ask that IF IT IS NOT BROKEN DO NOT FIX IT?



This update is so bad I made an account to complain also, and left flame-worthy feedback.


Just got the new update this morning and I actually rather like it! Being able to set my own automatic section moves is worth them only running at midnight. That said, the one thing I wish it would let me do is have a rule that says “If a task’s Due Date is: before next Monday, move it to This Week”. For now I think I can make it work but having some more control over the timing of the pre-built rules would be nice to have eventually!

Additionally, is there a way to see what all Rules features are available in the custom package without upgrading to Business for a month? If it’s good stuff I could use it as justification for an upgrade to my company.


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@Mads_Knutzon We are new Business plan users (began May 2021), and we still don’t have it either as of 27 May, 2021. I guess we’re stuck back in the migration line with you as well. Yesterday a Support rep from Asana informed us we aren’t in the “new user” migration. So who knows what they consider as new users vs. older users. I’m going to tell myself that it’s a tech rollout issue in terms of how they migrate accounts. And that we, as Business users are using a more tech heavy robust version of it that will take longer to migrate us? But for what it’s worth, I think we all, as Business plan users should get it before the premium users, and be way ahead of it being rolled out to the free users; and that YOU as a 4 year Business plan user should get the migration ahead of us as 1 month users (if they need to break up the migration even further).

FYI reading this thread chronologically, so with your post being currently 29 days old, you may have posted an update that I haven’t gotten to yet).