Max Comment Length



Is there a max comment length in Asana?

I’m posting a fair amount of text that records all the records I’ve updated with a cleanup query. I wanted our support to be able to search this task should there be issues and because they’ll be responsible for fixing this next month when our vendor doesn’t get around to fixing the issue… But it never seems to post and kills Asana in that tab:

Clicking “Try Now” doesn’t do anything and if I refresh the tab, the comment that shows as posted will no longer be there and my teammates can’t see it.


Hmmm, I suppose it could have also been sql injection flagged. I took out all the insert statements and the comment posted.



We ran into an issue a few months ago with the API. We received a "max length exceeded"error when we attempted to submit a description greater than 65500 chars. I am wondering if that is the same limitation for a comment.

Hope that helps.


Yeah, I tested with some other comments having insert statements in them and it wasn’t a problem. My comment length was about 55,400 characters. Also, I was also able to kill the tab by selecting all the statements and making them a numbered list (I was thinking it’d be a good way of verifying all the lines were there because the final numbered item should match my update count). Instead the tab became unresponsive and Chrome would occasionally check back with me to see if I’d like to kill it off, which I eventually did. Probably not typical use :wink:, but I appreciate your info all the same.