Master Projects with Sub-Projects

It does seem that Portfolios is aiming to fill this void, in some capacity. Has anyone messed around with the Portfolios that you would be able to comment. It’s essentially doing what I think most on this thread are looking for.

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1 and half year, no update

Hi @Zahid_Gill and thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: We haven’t planned to implement this feature in the next few months, but we’re defintiely keeping it on our radar and will continue to consider it for future updates :slight_smile: On my end, I’ll make sure to keep you post an update on this thread as soon as I have an update!

I’ll add my vote for this feature too. I’ve been using “Sections” for sub-projects, but that’s not really what it is used for. I agree, this is the #1 shortcoming of Asana. I extend my vote to unlimited nested sub-projects. Thanks!

This would be incredibly helpful - especially since right now you can’t view subtasks in Timeline mode

Wouldn’t porfolios be helpful in these cases?