Master Project Calendar

I’d like to create a Master Project Calendar within Asana that displays in a monthly view the following:

  • All “Go Live” Dates for each project

  • Project Manager’s Name

  • Project Name

*Assigned Trainer Name

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There are several ways of doing it, although I suspect nothing will be perfect. A lot depends on:

  • how dense your Go Live dates are (and how long their names, and whether they need to be 100% legible)
  • overall how much data you need to display (e.g. 3 projects with 4 Go Live dates each over 2 months, or 40+ project with 12 Go Live over 18 months)
  • how much maintenance work you’re willing to do
  • whether you require this all on one page, or can scroll through e.g. month per month

Could you provide a mockup up of your ideal calendar appearance and content? Then we could probably make some recommendations.

One of the easiest ways might just be a Portfolio…with Go Live dates as your project milestones,and you’d have to modify project names to include project owner and trainer. E.g. “Walrus // SJO // FRB”.