Mass Deletion of All Comments in a Project


I reuse projects that for clients that I work with every year. This saves set up time and promotes consistency. However the copy process brings along all of the old comments. How can I mass delete all comments without having to do so one at a time?


Hey @Marc_Cooley what about using a template instead of copying your initial project containing all these comments?


I will try these again.


The newer template process will now work. In the past it did not as the links between projects were not preserved. They now are. thx


Hi Marie, Now I remember why I don’t like asana templates. Template tasks show up on my task list, but aren’t really tasks I need to do. How can I keep template tasks from showing on my task list?


@Marc_Cooley. Assuming you want the Tasks assigned to you when a new project is created from that template project then you need to just mark the task for “Later” and as it won’t have a due date it won’t ever be promoted to Today.




Thanks for following up @Marc_Cooley! You’re correct, if you add assignees to your template tasks, they will appear in the assignees My Tasks. Have a look at @Jason_Woods replies just above, this is probably the best workaround available at the moment!


My solution is to set all task due times well into the future; over a year. This way when I set up a new project all the connections between tasks and assignees keep their relationship. Because all of the tasks are connected is is relatively simple to move the tasks in mass. Not ideal, but works for now until templates become real templates with relative, not fixed dates.