Markup on german keyboard



hey there,
it seems not to be possible to use the full markup shortcuts on a german keyboard on mac. p.e. the big bracket. you need the [ or ] if you want to intend or outend your list. on a german keyboard you have to click “ALT + 5” to do the [. so i tried to combine “ALT + 5 + CMD” but it did not work. any suggestions? here is the link from the wiki with the shortcuts / markup:


Maybe @Sebastian_Paasch, our German Champion, can help!


Hi @Gregor_Kalchthaler,
I am sorry to say, that it is not working for me either.

But perhaps @Cosmina_Sipos from Asana can help us, or she knows if this is on the IT roadmap.



Hi @Gregor_Kalchthaler and @Sebastian_Paasch thanks for the feedback.

For me once I have a list CMD+SHIFT+8, and select it, it works for German with the following combination:

Cmd + .
Cmd + ,

As for French @Bastien_Siebman just putting the shortcut in here for reference

Cmd + SHIFT + ;
Cmd + ,



I tried again on my German keyboard, Google Chrome, Windows.

The above mentioned shortcuts did NOT work for me, but the following works:

STRG + .
STRG + ,

@Gregor_Kalchthaler does it work for you too?


Hi @Sebastian_Paasch

Let me see if I understand correctly: After selecting a couple of rows CMD+SHIFT+8 doesn’t result in a bulleted list for you?

  • CMD+ SHIFT+8 should just result in a bulleted list of your selection.
  • That combination works for me to get a bullet point using the US and DE Keyboards.

As for the indentation, happy to hear STRG+. and STRG+, work for you.
We are currently updating the Asana guide to reflect the correct keyboard shortcuts.

I will come back to this post with the updated link, once it’s published.


Hi Cosmina,

misunderstanding :slight_smile:
CMD+SHIFT+8 works to create the bulleted list, just the Indent and Outdent did not work with the above mentioned shortcuts, that is why I posted the other ones which worked for me.