Mark tasks as read-only OR add user roles




I am part of a huge organization, and it is very normal for an employee to get assigned to and removed from a team to be reassiged to another. In our team there has been lots who have left which meant that I had to remove them from the Asana team, remove them as followers in all corresponding tasks, and ultimately unassign them from all the tasks assigned to them. This is to ensure that they won’t be able to see and modify those tasks, since they’re no longer part of the team.

However, this manual activity has been very tedious especially for those members who’ve been in the team for so long, which meant thousands of tasks to be “cleansed.”

I have two (2) solutions for this:

  1. An option to “archive” a member from the team list. It’s as if removing them from the team (which means they won’t count towards the member limit), but still retaining the assignments / followers. Since they are marked as “archived” they won’t be able to see the tasks even if they are a follower / an assignee.
  2. An option to lock tasks for further modification and setting them as read-only

I think both solutions can work together.

I guess my goal is as follows:

  1. Make the rolling off of a member as smooth as possible. No need to perform tedious manual tasks
  2. To retain the information and still find the tasks assigned to / followed by an ex-member

Or actually, I have a third solution: To enable searching within stories.

  • was assigned to _____
  • was followed by _____
  • was modified by _____
  • etc.

This way, even if a member is removed from the team, and stripped off all his/her task assignments, the remaining team members could still be able to find his/her tasks, and that those info (assignee and follower) are retained.

What do you guys think?



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