Mark subtasks for Today (Tab+Y) directly from Project



I like the default view of My Tasks and love the Tab+Y and/or Due Date feature for marking tasks for “Today”.

However, I am unable to mark a task to appear in “Today” if it’s a subtask with the Due Date of today or Tab+Y from the subtask itself. If I want it to appear in “Today”, I need to find it in the My Task list and then Tab+Y.

If it were possible to hit Tab+Y from the subtask when viewed in Projects, it would be really handy!


@Ange_Cruz I recommend that you add the subtask to the parent project if you’d like to use the Tab+Y shortcut. When you’re in a subtask, just use shortcut Tab+P to add the subtask to the parent project. Then, this subtask will live as a subtask, but also appear in the main project view as a task. In this task state you should be able to use the Tab+Y shortcut :slight_smile:


Too messy for me for the project view to have subtasks changed to (looking like) tasks, but thanks for the suggestion! Hope Tab+Y for subtasks in project view is a feature added in the future.