Mark Sections as Complete in New Layout

When a task is completed, it can be marked complete. I can review completed tasks by filtering for ‘All Tasks’.

When a project is completed, I can archive it. I can review archived projects by clicking on ‘Show archived projects’, within a given team.

This is important and very very basic functionality.

The new sections are great in many ways. But they can neither be completed, archived, nor deleted.

That is just silly.

I understand there is an upcoming update that will allow sections to be deleted, even with tasks in them. So that’s something, and obviously necessary.

But for the most part I DO NOT want to delete sections. l often need to review data in completed tasks, or want to copy a completed set of tasks as a template for new work.

There needs to be a way to complete/archive sections in the new layout, just like tasks and projects.

This seems incredibly obvious to me and not something users should to ask for.

Hi @Antoine_Palmer, we’re about to implement a feature allowing you to delete Sections (even when they contain tasks), I’m hoping to post an update very soon. And if you haven’t yet I’d recommend adding your vote to this other thread: Archive a Section in a Project

Hope this helps!