Mark all subtasks complete before allowing tasks to be marked complete

This is critical to accountability which is a key feature of project management.

This is urgent.

Asana lacks the capability of ENFORCING things.

Enforcing should be configurable by users. Not only for this case, also for things like creating a task using a template: usually templates are to enforce things, but then templates become useless because they can not be made mandatory and users will just create tasks bypassing the template.

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Replying for more traction. Not only is this necessary for compliance, but as a tech it forces me to go though and manually state “Yes, I have completed this part of the project”.

Seems crazy that this isn’t a thing already.

As Juan_Diego said - Asana is lacking enforcing mechanisms.

Voting up on this feature: do not allow marking task as completed unless all subtasks have been completed.

Over all, great work Asana! We love your product.

We also miss this feature. Up voting this! A task with unfinished sub tasks should not be eligible to mark as complete.

We have just implemented Asana in our team and while I love so much of this product… our one frustration is orphaned subtasks and the fact that a parent task can be marked as complete with incomplete subtasks. I thought it was just my inexperience, but visiting this forum has made it evident that I am not alone, and that this issue has been ongoing for years. Hoping that some work-around solution can be found soon.

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For the love of God Asana. Please direct the team that you use to implement tabby cats and unicorns to build these features instead.

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+1. Now 13 minutes into using Asana, between no ability to view all tasks assign to a resource across projects, orphaning subtasks and that subtasks are allowed to have start dates before parent tasks and Due dates after parent tasks and the project due date itself, its a pretty pointless project management tool… maybe an ok team collaboration tool or MAYBE a loose agile “project management” tool, but certainly not managing a calendar/deadline driven project where schedule and critical path are important.