Mark a task as depending of an other task


Dear all,

An idea to mark a task depending to an other witch is any where on the screen.
As we do it on instagrantt, use a small pin to connect the task witch is on the screen.

Thats all…


Hey Pierre,

Have you seen Task dependencies?

The functionality supported also at Timeline in web app.

Is this what are you looking for?

Hope I helped :slight_smile:


Look this exemple. The circle was some pin, and the red line, the movement of the mouse. Anywhere on the screen we can make a dependency betteewen too task.


No feedback about this idea ?


It looks like your diagram, you’re suggesting that by clicking on a circle, and dragging your mouse to the other circle, you’d want to set up a dependency, correct?

If so, I don’t think this would work, because by grabbing the “handle” of the task or sub-task, you’d move the task itself, not set up a dependency.


It’s an idea for developpement.