Mapping changes back in to Templates


Hi, I have numerous templates. When I copy one and start using it… I’ll call that a “working template”… I’d like the changes I make in the “working template” to map back to the template the “working template” came from. Anyone know if that is possible / an Asana feature? Thanks!


This is not possible and in many cases this might not be a good idea because a template can be very generic and you adapt it to some use cases and don’t want to “mess up” the original. But in some cases I understand how that might be important.
My personal opinion is that it won’t get implemented and your best chance is to code it yourself using the API. Happy to discuss the technical feasibility with you!


Thanks for the reply Bastien! Very helpful!!


Bastien, in your estimation how many hours would you estimate to code? Do you have a list of preferred vendors to do this kind of work? thanks.



I suggest we discuss the details on the phone. Can you book a slot on or send me a private message?

Also I created Asana Experts to help people in your case find the perfect expert :wink: