Managing Workload while factoring in internal meetings and client calls

I am looking for a solution to get more out of the Workload view. My team uses Asana to manage our day-to-day work, more extensive projects, and to take requests from other groups. The challenge is that we are also a client-facing team and members have to fluctuate internal and external meetings weekly. I have tried to have a repeating task in each team member’s task for “meetings” that they add an estimated time to each week to capture this in their workload.

Although it may seem trivial, this extra step creates a barrier to our ability to properly manage workload and does not provide a necessary level of visibility (if you have 10 hours of meetings, what are those specific meetings?).

Has anyone else found a solution to this problem that works well for you? I can’t seem to find any integration with Outlook that would sync meetings into Asana but would be pleasantly surprised to learn of this type of solution.

What we do or recommend

  • use our tool Recurring tasks to create real recurring tasks, not just an Asana recurring task that creates only a single task at a time
  • for each meeting we create a task, no exception, and we have a duration and meeting type field
  • when a meeting is booked by a client (through Calendly) we have Zapier create a task for us

Not sure this will help you :grimacing:

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Just build a zap, that every meeting in Google Calendar Event that is not a “Focus Block” (you can use Outlook too if you want) creates an Asana Task, adds the hours to the custom field and will complete the task if the meeting is over.

Copy that for your own zapier account if you want: Anytime a new or updated event is created in Google Calendar, filter my data in Filter by Zapier, format my data in Formatter by Zapier, etc. | Zapier