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I am incredibly happy with asana and i notice my teams getting more effictive allready. I would like to know some best practices to speed up onboarding everyone.

  • When is it best to use a board view and when do you use lists? I find myself only using boards right now.

  • What is in your opionion the best way to manage teams who manage projects? I imagined this to be possibly but if it is i cant find it. What i would like is, not a master timeline as requested a lot, but a timeline containing projects from teams, not the tasks underlying. As of now it seems to stop at the level to manage 1 team, not to manage teammanagers.
    in short, i would like Project Timeline Clicktrough–> Project Timeline with the option to toggle subtasks and tasks per teammember in time. Is this already possible or planned in the future?

  • how do you manage teams/teamleaders? with weekly calls walking trough projects and/or tasks? what works for you?

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For your first point: Boards vs. Lists (and why you should choose List if in doubt!)

For the second, not sure that is possible. @Julien_RENAUD any idea?

For the third, maybe @Mark_Hudson can help!

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Hi @Thijmen_Bosman, you might want to check out Instagantt for the capabilities of a “master timeline.” It’s a 3rd-party Gantt chart tool that integrates extremely well with Asana.

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